• Summer Camp: Be Your Own Superhero
    with Hollie Meador
    Available Packages:
    $150.00Summer Camp: Be Your Own Superhero (2022-06-27 | 2022-07-01)

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Warrior 3!

    During camp this week we will soar into the world of Superheroes, using their strength and courage to reflect the strength and courage that exists within each of us. We will look at myths of brave warriors and well-known heroes' journeys, along with contemporary superheroes of the DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pokémon kinds.

    But Superheroes are more than beings in fancy suits with otherworldly powers – there are everyday heroes such as doctors and firefighters, teachers, and even kids who choose to act in extraordinary ways. Being a hero can include saving someone’s life, or be as simple as making someone smile. This camp includes storytelling and story creating, practicing power poses, and using yoga to fully embody ideas of bravery, power, and fun.

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